Museo dei Fossili

Lago di Lugano

Revamped and expanded by Ticinese starchitect Mario Botta, Meride's Fossil Museum showcases vestiges of the first creatures to inhabit the region – reptiles and fish dating back more than 200 million years. It may sound dry but the finds are important enough to warrant Unesco recognition of the area around Monte San Giorgio (where they were uncovered) as a World Heritage Site. You're welcomed by a 2.5m long replica of a Ticinosuchus.

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1. Monte San Giorgio

1.57 MILES

Rising in a pyramid above Lake Lugano, 1097m Monte San Giorgio has become Ticino’s mountain of myth thanks to its rich stash of Triassic marine-life…

2. Chiesa di Santa Maria del Sasso

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It's a stiff 15-minute climb up a seemingly endless flight of steps to this church, lifted on a hilltop above the lake and easily identified by its…

3. Parco Scherrer

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Set in subtropical parkland, Parco Scherrer, 400m west of the boat stop in Morcote, is the dream come true of textile merchant and art enthusiast Hermann…

4. Parco Botanico San Grato

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Footpaths thread through these hilltop botanical gardens, which afford sensational lake and mountain views. In May the park is ablaze with the colour of…

5. Swissminiatur

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7. Monte Bisbino

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Following signs out of central Cernobbio, take the scenic drive that winds 17km up through the residential villages behind Cernobbio to Monte Bisbino …

8. Monte San Salvatore

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Lugano's very own Sugarloaf Mountain, the 912m peak of Monte San Salvatore has riveting 360-degree views over Lago di Lugano and southern Ticino to the…