Near the Plessur River, the Obertor marks the entrance to Chur's alley-woven Altstadt. This four-storey building with an archway at the bottom, a leftover of medieval fortifications, narrows towards the top and fits in physically with the surrounding buildings, though it stands out due to its light exterior colour.

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1. Altstadt

0.02 MILES

Near the Plessur River, the Obertor marks the entrance to Chur's alley-woven Altstadt (Old Town). Along with the stout Malteserturm (once the munitions…

2. Malteserturm

0.04 MILES

Once the munitions tower (its previous name was Pulverturm meaning Gunpowder Tower), this is one of the few parts of the Old Town walls that were erected…

3. Martinskirche

0.16 MILES

The city's most iconic landmark is Martinskirche with its distinctive spire and clock face. The 8th-century church was rebuilt in the late-Gothic style in…

4. Rätisches Museum

0.19 MILES

Housed in a baroque patrician residence, this museum spells out the canton's history in artefacts, with Bronze Age jewellery, Roman statuettes, weapons…

5. Bündner Kunstmuseum

0.26 MILES

This superb gallery reflects the history of art in Graubünden as well as works by artists who are linked with the canton. It gives an insight into the…

6. Sennhofturm

0.26 MILES

In the back of the Old Town, this is one of the few remains of the old defensive walls built in the 13th century.

7. Kathedrale St Maria Himmelfahrt

0.26 MILES

Chur's 12th-century cathedral, which took over a century to build, conceals a late-1400s Jakob Russ high altar containing a splendid triptych. First signs…

8. Gigerwaldsee

8.72 MILES

Shimmering a startling shade of turquoise, the fjord-like Gigerwaldsee reservoir is flanked by sheer-sided, wooded mountains and laced with waterfalls. A…