Historiska Museet

Top choice in Stockholm

From Iron Age skates and a Viking boat to medieval textiles and Renaissance triptychs, Sweden's national historical collection spans over 10,000 years of Swedish culture and history. The exhibition about the Battle of Gotland (1361) is an undisputed highlight, as is the subterranean Gold Room, the latter gleaming with Viking plunder and other precious treasures.

Look out for the jewel-encrusted Reliquary of St Elisabeth (who died at 24 and was canonised in 1235), as well as the 5th-century seven-ringed gold collar. Weighing 823g and decorated with 458 symbolic figures, the collar was discovered in Västergötland in the 19th century. The museum's booty also includes exquisite altarpieces from the Middle Ages and the world's oldest organ.

Historiska Museet's informative audio guide can be accessed free using your smartphone (wi-fi available). Alternatively, audio guides can be hired for 30kr at the front desk.

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