Sankta Maria Kyrka

Top choice in Skåne

Among the church's highlights are a fabulously ornate 17th-century baroque pulpit, an elaborate pipe organ, chandeliers and excellent acoustics. It's from the church's clock tower that the town's nightwatchman famously sounds his horn – a tradition that's been upheld since 1250.

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1. Latinskolan

0.02 MILES

Latinskolan, next to Sankta Maria Kyrka, is a late-15th-century brick building and the oldest preserved school in Scandinavia.

2. Klostret i Ystad

0.13 MILES

Klostret i Ystad, in the Middle Ages Franciscan monastery of Gråbrödraklostret, features local textiles and silverware. The monastery includes the 13th…

3. Charlotte Berlins Museum


For fetching interiors, pop into Charlotte Berlins Museum housed in a late-19th-century, middle-class abode.

5. Ystads Konstmuseum

0.23 MILES

Included in the same ticket as Klostret i Ystad is the Ystads Konstmuseum with its savvy collection of southern Swedish and Danish art, including works by…

6. Per Helsas Gård

0.33 MILES

Housed in one of Ystad’s most iconic (and magnificent) half-timbered buildings, dating from the 1500s and set around a courtyard. The central cobbles here…

7. Cineteket

0.99 MILES

Fans of crime thrillers most likely know the name Henning Mankell (1948-2015), author of the best-selling Inspector Wallander series. The books are set in…

8. Ales Stenar

9.72 MILES

One of Skåne's most intriguing and remote attractions, this place has all the mystery of England's Stonehenge without the commercialism. It's Sweden's…