Kvarteret Knäppingsborg


A fashionable complex of modernised warehouses that's now home to restaurants and cafes. Located in the centre of the city.

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Nearby Småland attractions

1. Holmens Museum

0.18 MILES

This small museum charts over 400 years of paper making on the site of Norrköping's first hand paper mill, which began operations in 1633.

2. Arbetets Museum

0.18 MILES

The innovative Arbetets Museum documents working life. There’s one permanent display about Alva Carlsson, a typical worker in the former cotton mill, and…

3. Norrköpings stadsmuseum

0.19 MILES

Stadsmuseum delves into the town’s industrial past, complete with still-functioning machinery, a great cafe and dynamic temporary exhibitions.

4. Norrköpings konstmuseum

0.47 MILES

Overlooking leafy Vasaparken, the city's impressive art gallery boasts a collection of important early-20th-century works, including modernist and cubist…

5. Hällristningsmuseet

1.43 MILES

This riverside museum 2km west of the city has fine examples of Bronze Age rock carvings outside and historical artifacts relating to the period inside…

6. Kolmårdens djurpark

10.98 MILES

Opened in 1965, Scandinavia’s largest zoo attracts some 750,000 visitors a year who come to visit its 750-odd residents from all climates and continents…

7. Tropicarium

11.49 MILES

This artificial tropical world opposite the entrance to Kolmården Zoo titillates with its motley crew of spiders, sharks, alligators and snakes. It's…

8. Ekenäs Slott

16.67 MILES

Built between 1630 and 1644, this is one of the best-preserved Renaissance castles in Sweden. Features include three spectacular towers, a moat, and…