South Friar’s Bay

St Kitts & Nevis

There are excellent tanning and snorkeling possibilities along this long sandy beach backed by palm trees and sea grapes, and bookended by two restaurants: the snazzy Carambola Beach Club and the far more down-to-earth Shipwreck Bar & Grill. Both get very busy on cruise-ship days; crowd-evaders should stroll over to one of the locally owned bars set up in between the two.

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1. North Friar’s Bay


Thanks to treacherous currents, there's not so much as a cold-beer vendor in sight on this utterly wild Atlantic-side beach. It's great for spirit-lifting…

2. Frigate Bay South

0.92 MILES

In season, the party never stops along the Strip, a beach-shack-backed golden sweep of sand with mellow, kid-friendly waves, and bars that keep the party…

3. Frigate Bay North

1.44 MILES

This beach is facing the Atlantic, so expect some waves and breezes, although there's an offshore reef to temper the action. The southern portion is…

4. White House Bay

1.99 MILES

The beach itself ain't much, but there's some pretty good snorkeling here thanks to offshore reefs and a couple of sunken wrecks. These days, though, the…

5. Immaculate Conception Cathedral

3.44 MILES

This hulking gray-stone house of worship has a barrel-vaulted wooden ceiling evoking a ship’s hull. Sunlight filters through elaborate stained-glass…

6. Independence Square

3.48 MILES

Locals ‘lime’ and exchange gossip at this grassy park anchored by a circular fountain crowned by three topless nymphs. Once called Pall Mall Sq, its dark…

7. National Museum

3.53 MILES

This modest museum is a good place to start your explorations of St Kitts. Displays deal with colonial history, the rise of the sugar industry, the road…

8. Circus

3.54 MILES

The focus of town is the Circus, a roundabout apparently inspired by London’s Piccadilly Circus. Anchored by a green clock tower (the Victorian-style…