Triton Bastion


Small southwestern bastion, which was once topped with a windmill (used to draw water to clean Galle's streets).

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2. Flag Rock

0.14 MILES

Flag Rock, at the southernmost end of the Fort, was once a Portuguese bastion. Today it is easily the most popular place to catch a sunset. During…

3. Sudharmalaya Temple

0.15 MILES

Gazing over the lawns on the western side of Galle, this small whitewashed temple complex includes a prayer hall (the unusual design of which, including a…

4. Meeran Mosque

0.19 MILES

Facing the lighthouse, this beautifully maintained whitewashed building is a highly unusual construction combining eclectic architectural features that…

6. All Saints Anglican Church


A handsome Victorian Gothic structure dating from the mid-19th century. It boasts impressive stained-glass windows, beautifully carved timber arches and…

7. Dutch Governor's House

0.21 MILES

A striking building that dates from 1683, over its doorway is a cockerel and the crest of Galle. It's not open to the public.

8. Historical Mansion

0.22 MILES

More of an antique store than a museum, this Fort townhouse (which dates back to the Dutch days) contains the private collection of a long-time local…