Clippenberg Bastion


A west-facing rampart, with fine sea and sunset views.

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2. Sudharmalaya Temple

0.09 MILES

Gazing over the lawns on the western side of Galle, this small whitewashed temple complex includes a prayer hall (the unusual design of which, including a…

3. Aeolus Bastion

0.09 MILES

A west-facing, low-walled rampart and popular sunset spot.

4. Muslim Saint's Tomb

0.16 MILES

Small tomb, dedicated to Dathini Ziryam, which is located outside the northwest section of the Fort walls.

5. Triton Bastion


Small southwestern bastion, which was once topped with a windmill (used to draw water to clean Galle's streets).

6. Star Bastion

0.21 MILES

Large bastion located in the extreme northwest of Fort's walls, with sweeping views of the ocean and nearby clock tower. It was once topped with six…

7. Clock Tower

0.23 MILES

Just inside the northern ramparts of the Fort, this large stone bell tower dates from 1883.

8. Amangalla

0.23 MILES

The Amangalla was built in 1684 to house the Dutch governor and officers. Later, as the New Oriental Hotel, it was the lodging of choice for 1st-class P&O…