Pedro tea estate in Sri Lanka.

© Ariya J/Shutterstock

Pedro Tea Estate

Nuwara Eliya

To see where your morning cuppa originates, head to the Pedro Tea Estate, about 3.5km east of Nuwara Eliya on the way to Kandapola. You can take a 20-minute guided tour of the factory, originally built in 1885 and still packed with 19th-century engineering. However, due to the type of tea produced here (a very light tea), processing only takes place at night when it’s colder, so you’re unlikely to see much action.

Overlooking the plantations is a pleasant teahouse. Photography inside the factory is forbidden.

A three-wheeler from Nuwara Eliya should cost Rs 450 return, including waiting time. Alternatively, you could hop on a Ragalla-bound bus (Rs 15) from the main bus station in Nuwara Eliya.