Millennium Elephant Foundation

The Hill Country

The Millennium Elephant Foundation houses elephants rescued from aggressive mahouts, and elephants retired from working in temples. Be aware that though elephants are well-cared for here they are chained for quite long periods and elephant rides are offered; we recommend against these because of the harm they can cause to the elephants. Volunteers are welcome at the foundation. It's two kilometres from Pinnewala, on the Karandupona–Kandy road.

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1. Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

1.88 MILES

Initially created to protect abandoned or orphaned elephants, this is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular attractions. It's a highly commercialised experience…

2. Gadaladeniya Temple

11.97 MILES

This Buddhist temple with a Hindu annex dates from the 14th century, and the main shrine room contains a stunningly beautiful, gilded seated Buddha. Built…

3. Lankatilake Temple

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This impressive 14th-century temple, mounted on a rocky bluff, is the most imposing in the region. It's divided into two halves – one half Buddhist and…

4. Embekka Devale

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Dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Mahasen, this beautiful temple, with its finely carved wooden pillars depicting swans, eagles, wrestling men…

5. Athagala

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An atmospheric rock-cut staircase winds up Athagala, a large black rock outcrop on the eastern side of the city, to offer fine city views from a 22m-tall…

6. Peradeniya Botanic Gardens

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These stunning gardens were once reserved exclusively for Kandyan royalty. Today, even commoners are allowed in to enjoy the most impressive and largest …

7. Kandy War Cemetery

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This small and beautifully melancholic cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It is the final resting place for those who died…

8. Ceylon Tea Museum

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This museum occupies the 1925-vintage Hantane Tea Factory, 4km south of Kandy on the Hantane road. Abandoned for more than a decade, it was recently…