Horton Plains National Park

Top choice national park in Horton Plains National Park & World's End

Image by Kevin Clogstoun Getty Images

Horton Plains is a beautiful, stark world with excellent hikes in the shadows of Sri Lanka’s second- and third-highest mountains, Kirigalpotta (2395m) and Totapola (2357m). The ‘plains’ form an undulating plateau over 2000m high, covered by wild grasslands and interspersed with patches of thick forest, rocky outcrops, filigree waterfalls and misty lakes. The surprising diversity of the landscape is matched by the wide variety of wildlife, although many of the larger animals are very elusive. Birdwatchers will be well rewarded.

The plateau comes to a sudden end at World’s End, a stunning escarpment that plunges 880m.

Entrance fees for foreigners are now extremely steep. Get here for a 6am start when the paths are not too crowded with hikers.