Santuari de Sant Salvador


One of inland Mallorca's most spectacular viewpoints, the hermitage Santuari de Sant Salvador crowns a hilltop 5km southeast of Felanitx and 509m above sea level. Built in 1348, the year of the Black Death, it's plausible that the hermits were safe here. The church, added to over the years, is a strange mix, with gaudy columns and an elaborate cave nativity scene offset by an unadorned barrel-vaulted ceiling and a delicately carved stone altarpiece.

Apart from the monastery, there’s a prominent cross (built in 1957) on a neighbouring peak, while the car park is dominated by an enormous, 35m-high statue of Christ the King, atop a column. At every turn, the views are heavenly. For the full experience, you can stay the night in one of the tastefully converted cells at the Petit Hotel Hostatgería Sant Salvador.

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