Palacio de Carvajal


Just off the northeastern corner of the main Plaza de Santa María stands this late-15th-century mansion. The building was abandoned after fires tore through in the 19th century. Now restored, it houses a modern display on the province’s attractions and the helpful regional tourist office.

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Nearby Cáceres attractions

1. Palacio de Ovando

0.02 MILES

This 16th-century Renaissance-style palace stands on the Plaza de Santa María and was reformed in the 18th century.

2. Concatedral de Santa María

0.02 MILES

This 15th-century Gothic cathedral creates an impressive opening scene for the Ciudad Monumental. Inside, you'll find a magnificent carved 16th-century…

3. Palacio Episcopal

0.03 MILES

The Palacio Episcopal, built between the 13th and 17th centuries, sports a magnificent Renaissance-style facade.

4. Plaza de Santa María

0.03 MILES

As the closest square to the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza de Santa María and the surrounding tangle of lanes provide most people's introduction to the Ciudad…

5. Palacio de Mayoralgo

0.04 MILES

Among the impressive facades framing the Plaza de Santa María is the 16th-century Renaissance-style Palacio de Mayoralgo.

6. Palacio de la Diputación

0.04 MILES

As you wander further into the Ciudad Monumental to the southeast from the Plaza de Santa María, you'll pass the Renaissance-style Palacio de la…

7. Palacio Toledo-Moctezuma

0.05 MILES

Just north of the Plaza de Santa María lies the domed 16th-century Palacio Toledo-Moctezuma, once home to Isabel Moctezuma, daughter of the Aztec emperor…

8. Palacio de los Golfines de Abajo

0.05 MILES

The sumptuous home of Cáceres' prominent Golfín family has been beautifully restored. Built piecemeal between the 14th and 20th centuries, it's crammed…