Museo del Retablo


Just west of the cathedral, in the Iglesia de San Esteban, the Museo del Retablo has a display of some 18 altars dating from the 15th to 18th centuries.

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1. Iglesia de San Esteban

Located just west of the cathedral, this is a solid 14th-century Gothic structure with an unusual porch and a Museo del Retablo with a display of some 18…

2. Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos

0.03 MILES

With a lovely perch up behind the cathedral, this private art gallery hosts temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. Apart from the art, it's a pleasant…

3. Iglesia de San Nicolás

0.09 MILES

Close to the cathedral, this church boasts an enormous stone-carved altar by Francisco de Colonia that features scenes from the life of St Nicolas.

4. Mirador


Just south of the car park in Burgos' Parque de Castillo is a mirador (lookout) offering great views of the cathedral and across the city.

5. Parque de Castillo


This steep park, with the castle as its centerpiece, overlooks the cathedral and the rest of the city centre from the west.

6. Catedral

0.11 MILES

This Unesco World Heritage–listed cathedral, once a former modest Romanesque church, is a masterpiece. Work began on a grander scale in 1221; remarkably,…

7. Castillo de Burgos

0.15 MILES

Crowning the leafy hilltop Parque de Castillo are the fortifications of the rebuilt Castillo de Burgos. Dating from the 9th century, the castle has…

8. Arco de Santa María

0.15 MILES

The splendid Arco de Santa María was once the main gate to the old city and part of the 14th-century walls. It now hosts temporary exhibitions, but its…