Castell de Capdepera

Top choice Castle

in Capdepera

Lording it over Capdepera is this early-14th-century fortress. A walled complex built on the ruins of a Moorish fortress, the castle is one of the best preserved on the island. Constructed as a self-contained fortified town by Jaume II (son of the conquering Jaume I), it was a bastion of safety (from pirate attacks) and royal power in this part of the island. Within the walls, a simple stone church contains a valuable wooden crucifix dating to the 14th century.

The watchtower, Torre Miquel Nunis, predates the rest of the castle and is probably of Moorish construction. In the 1800s a taller, round mill tower was built inside the original rectangular one. The views reach over the town rooftops to the wooded hills and glistening sea beyond.