Cala Mesquida

Northeastern Mallorca

Cala Mesquida's beautiful sweep of sand (nearly 300m long) and nearby dunes and pine scrub are not just appreciated by human visitors. The area is protected, in recognition of its importance to local birdlife. There's a wooden walkway to take you deeper into the dunes, without damaging them.

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1. Cala Torta

0.95 MILES

Deep water, nudism and exposure to the elements mean this isn't really the ideal family beach, although it is certainly very comely.

2. Cala Mitjana

1.22 MILES

To the landward end of a long, cliff-lined inlet you'll find this little patch of golden sand. A 20-minute walk from the car park at Cala Sa Nau deters…

3. Cala Estreta

1.39 MILES

This pretty, rock-bound cove has crystal-clear water, but no great expanse of sand, or bars to attract holidaymaking hordes.

4. Cala Matzoc


Eleven kilometres from Artà, or a 20-minute trek along the coast from Cala Estreta, Cala Matzoc comes into view. A quiet cove of sand and stone, it backs…

5. Platja de Cala Agulla

1.92 MILES

At the northern edge of town this horseshoe-shaped beach wraps around a calm, pale-sand bay lapped by turquoise waters on the edge of a pine-cloaked…

6. Castell de Capdepera

2.73 MILES

Lording it over Capdepera is this early-14th-century fortress. A walled complex built on the ruins of a Moorish fortress, the castle is one of the best…

7. Sa Torre Cega

2.84 MILES

Named for the 15th-century 'blind tower' (unsighted by similar watchtowers) at its centre, this coastal estate was built in the early 20th century by the…

8. Cala Gat

2.87 MILES

East of Cala Ratjada harbour, beyond Sa Torre Cega, this fine little cove has a pretty 40m beach backed by pine forests and receives far fewer visitors…