Playa del Puntal


A 2km-long finger of sand jutting across the bay towards Santander, Playa del Puntal is idyllic on calm days (but beware the currents). A couple of popular beach bars open up here over summer. Depending on the weather, passenger ferries (€2.90/4.20 one-way/return) sail over about every 30 minutes from 10.30am from the Estación Marítima Los Reginas, from May or June to October.

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Nearby Santander attractions

1. Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico

0.77 MILES

Find out all about Cantabria’s long seafaring history at Santander’s maritime museum, 800m east of the Puerto Chico marina. The four floors cover all…

2. Palacio de la Magdalena


The eclectically styled, English-inspired palace crowning the Península de la Magdalena was built between 1908 and 1912 as a gift from Santander to Spain…

3. Península de la Magdalena

0.81 MILES

At the eastern tip of the bay, this sprawling parkland is perfect for a stroll, and popular with picnickers. Kids will enjoy the resident seals, sea lions…

4. Playa del Sardinero

1.26 MILES

El Sardinero’s 1.5km-long strand of gorgeous golden sand faces the open sea, north of the Península de la Magdalena. It’s backed by some of Santander’s…

5. Playa de Somo

1.39 MILES

Across the bay from Santander, and just beyond Playa del Puntal, Playa de Somo is a beautiful, gold-tinged beach, often with pretty good surf. A year…

6. Plaza de Pombo

1.64 MILES

Lined with trees, ringed with cafes and sporting a gazebo in its centre, this long, rectangular plaza is one of Santander's most popular public spaces…

7. Plaza de Cañadío

1.64 MILES

The epicentre of Santander's nightlife scene, Plaza de Cañadío is packed with bars and restaurants that keep buzzing into the wee hours.

8. Banco Santander

1.69 MILES

You can’t miss the splendid 1875 Banco Santander building – notable for its giant arch in the middle – across the street from the Jardines de Pereda. The…