Centro Arqueológico Muralla de Santander


Below the majestic Plaza Porticada lies the Centro Arqueológico Muralla de Santander, where you can see parts of the city’s medieval walls, built from 1187 onwards. The visitable section is flanked between the remains of two city gates and interactive displays bring its history, discovery and conservation to life. Prior booking is required; contact the tourist office.

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1. Plaza Porticada

0.01 MILES

An elegant ensemble of 64 porticoes frames this handsome plaza, constructed in the aftermath of a 1941 fire that ravaged the city centre.

2. Jardines de Pereda

0.09 MILES

The pretty, recently refurbished gardens around the Centro Botín are named after 19th-century Cantabrian writer José María de Pereda, whose bronze effigy…

3. Iglesia del Santísimo Cristo


Two superposed Gothic churches make up Santander’s cathedral. In the lower, older, 13th-century Iglesia del Santísimo Cristo, glass floors reveal…

5. Catedral de la Asunción

0.11 MILES

Santander’s serene cathedral comprises two Gothic churches, one above the other. The 14th-century upper church, extensively rebuilt after the 1941 fire,…

6. Banco Santander

0.14 MILES

You can’t miss the splendid 1875 Banco Santander building – notable for its giant arch in the middle – across the street from the Jardines de Pereda. The…

7. Centro Botín

0.15 MILES

Santander's newest and splashiest landmark, this ambitious waterfront arts and cultural centre opened to great fanfare in 2017. The futuristic two-block…

8. Plaza de Pombo


Lined with trees, ringed with cafes and sporting a gazebo in its centre, this long, rectangular plaza is one of Santander's most popular public spaces…