Palma Aquarium

Aquarium in Ca'n Pastilla
Image by Jan Hakan Dahlstrom / Getty Images

Marine-research, -conservation and -preservation programs offset any animal-welfare qualms you may have visiting the excellent Palma Aquarium. Five million litres of salt water fill the 55 tanks, home to sea critters from the Mediterranean (rays, sea horses, coral and more) and far-away oceans. The central tank, which you walk through via a transparent tunnel, is patrolled by 20 sleek sharks, with which you can dive for €175. You could spend half a day here.

In total some 8000 specimens are found here ranging across a number of marine environments, with some stirring exhibits covering the threat to world tuna stocks. If the kids fancy spending the night, the monthly Friday shark sleepover will certainly crank up the fear factor for little nippers.