Anillo Verde

Basque Country

Ringing the city is the Anillo Verde (Green Belt), a series of interconnecting parks, ponds and marshes linked to one another by 31km of cycling paths, which was established in 1994. Altogether, some 206 hectares of woodland, lakes and grassy expanse have been restored. It's an important ecological zone that attracts numerous waterfowl, as well as providing a refuge for the rare European mink and very tame herds of deer. Bird hides (blinds) are scattered around the lake shores.

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1. Artium

1.06 MILES

Art lovers shouldn't miss Vitoria’s palace of modern art. The large subterranean galleries are filled with engrossing pieces by artists from the Basque…

2. Vitoria-Gasteiz Market

1.16 MILES

A wonderful covered market that has all the fruits, vegetables, wines, breads, desserts and other ingredients for a memorable feast. If you're not self…

3. Museo Fournier de Naipes


The eccentric Museo Fournier de Naipes is in the 16th-century Palacio de Bendaña, with an impressive collection of historic presses and playing cards,…

4. Bibat

1.21 MILES

Bibat incorporates the Museo de Arqueología, whose 1500-piece archaeological collection covers the province of Álava, from prehistory to the Bronze Age …

5. Catedral de Santa María

1.24 MILES

At the summit of the old town and dominating its skyline is the Catedral de Santa María. Built between the 13th and 14th centuries in the Gothic style,…

6. Paseo de los Arquillos

1.27 MILES

Built between 1787 and 1802, this neoclassical covered arcade connects the old and new towns.

7. Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel

1.32 MILES

At the base of Vitoria's medieval Casco Viejo is the delightful Plaza de la Virgén Blanca, which is lorded over by the 14th-century Iglesia de San Miguel…

8. Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Álava

1.36 MILES

Inside this natural-history museum is a dazzling collection of minerals. You can also marvel at a mantis caught in amber, get an eyeful of some beautiful…