Calle San Pedro


The main drag of Hondarribia's La Marina district, Calle San Pedro is a quaint pedestrian-only strip flanked by traditional fishers’ houses, with facades painted bright green or blue, and wooden balconies cheerfully decorated with flower boxes. Many of the old-fashioned buildings now contain pintxo bars and restaurants.

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1. Plaza de Gipuzkoa

0.27 MILES

One of the most scenic squares in the old town, the Plaza de Gipuzkoa is ringed by atmospheric stone and timber houses from centuries past.

2. Casco Histórico


Hondarribia's walled historic centre, much of which dates to the 15th and 16th centuries, is an atmospheric grid of graceful plazas, cobbled lanes, and…

3. Plaza de Armas

0.32 MILES

Magnificent square Plaza de Armas transports you back to the Middle Ages, particularly with the Castillo de Carlos V lording over the cobblestones.

4. Castillo de Carlos V

0.32 MILES

Today it’s a government-run hotel, but for over 1000 years this castle hosted knights and kings. Its position atop the old town hill gave it a commanding…

6. Hendaye

0.72 MILES

Just across the river from Hondarribia lies the pretty French town of Hendaye, linked by a regular passenger ferry. Apart from nibbling on perfectly flaky…

7. Playa de Hondarribia

0.78 MILES

Hondarribia's sheltered beach is lined with bars and restaurants, and offers calm swimming waters. When the swell is running, there's a long right-hand…

8. Ermita de Guadalupe

1.37 MILES

It's a hefty hike from Hondarribia – a 4km walk uphill – but the Ermita de Guadalupe is well worth the effort it takes to reach it (you can also drive)…