The Palau Pedralbes inside the gardens

Jardins del Palau de Pedralbes


Sculptures, fountains, citrus trees, bamboo groves, fragrant eucalyptus, towering cypresses and bougainvillea-covered nooks lie scattered along the paths criss-crossing the small, enchanting gardens of the Palau de Pedralbes (closed to the public). Among the little-known treasures here are a vine-covered parabolic pergola and a gurgling fountain of Hercules (buried in thick vegetation before being rediscovered in 1984), both designed by Antoni Gaudí (the fountain's bust is a re-creation). At the park's northeast end stand the Gaudí-designed Pavellons Güell gatehouses.

The Palau, in whose original renovations Gaudí also had a hand, belonged to Eusebi Güell (Gaudí’s patron) until he donated it as a royal residence in 1918; it was later rebuilt in its current Noucentista incarnation. Past guests include King Alfonso XIII, the president of Catalonia and General Franco.

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