Barça Stadium Tour & Museum

Top choice in Barcelona

A pilgrimage site for football fans around the world, Camp Nou is a must for FC Barcelona fans. On this tour, which can be guided or self-guided, you'll get an in-depth look at the club, starting with a museum filled with multimedia exhibits, trophies and historical displays, followed by a tour of the stadium. Set aside at least 1½ hours.

Visits begin in FC Barcelona's high-tech museum, where enormous touch-screens allow visitors to explore arcane aspects of the legendary team. You can also watch videos of particularly artful goals. Displays delve into the club's history, its social commitment and connection to Catalan identity, and in-depth stats of on-field action. Sound installations include the club's anthem (with translations in many languages) and the match-day roar of the amped-up crowds.

You can admire the golden boots (in at least one case literally) of great goal scorers of the past and learn about the greats who have played for the club over the years, including Maradona, Ronaldinho, Kubala and Lionel Messi, considered to be one of the greatest footballers playing the game today.

Gazing out across Camp Nou is an experience in itself. The stadium, built in 1957 and enlarged for the 1982 World Cup, is one of the world’s biggest, holding nearly 100,000 people. After current renovations wrap up in August 2023 (the stadium will remain open throughout) it will have a capacity of 106,000. The club has a membership of 140,000.

The tour of the stadium takes in the visiting team’s dressing room, then heads out through the tunnel and on to the edge of the pitch. You'll also get to visit the press room. A Players Experience ticket (adult/child €149/99) allows you to visit the FC Barcelona dressing room and includes two free photos, a virtual experience and a leaving gift.