Cabo Fisterra

Area in Fisterra & Around

Image by Noradoa Shutterstock

Panoramic Cabo Fisterra is a 3.5km drive or walk south of Fisterra town. It's crowned by a lighthouse, the Faro de Fisterra. Camino de Santiago pilgrims ending their journeys here ritually burn smelly socks, T-shirts and the like on the rocks just past the lighthouse. Many people come for sunset but it's a magnificent spot at any time (except when shrouded in fog or rain). The former lighthouse-keepers' residence is now a comfortable hotel, with a good cafe-bar and restaurant.

On the way out from Fisterra you pass the 12th-century Igrexa de Santa María das Areas. Some 600m past the church, a track signed 'Conxunto de San Guillermo' heads up the hill to the right to Monte de San Guillermo, which was once a site of pagan fertility rites. This provides a longer (by 2km to 3km), more challenging, but even more scenic alternative walking route to the cape: separate tracks on the upper part of the hill lead to the faint, excavated remains of an old hermitage, the Ermida de San Guillermo (or Guillerme), and the Pedras Santas. The latter are rocks where, as late as the 18th century, childless couples would come to try to improve their chances of conception.

A taxi to the cape from town costs €5 one way.