San Sebastián

Sun-drenched cultural space Tabakalera occupies a beautifully reconfigured tobacco factory dating from 1913. It's a hub for the arts and design, as well as cultural enterprises such as the Basque Film Archive, the Kutxa Foundation and various galleries and innovative firms. For visitors, there's also an exhibition hall, a cinema and a regular line-up of seminars, workshops, discussions and other edifying fare. There's always something going on; check online or stop by for the latest.

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1. Puente de Maria Cristina

0.14 MILES

Several bridges span the narrow Río Urumea, but by far the most impressive is the Puente de Maria Cristina. Opened in 1905, the belle époque structure is…

2. Parque de Cristina Enea

0.22 MILES

Created by the Duke of Mandas in honour of his wife, the Parque de Cristina Enea is a favourite escape for locals. This formal park, the most attractive…

3. Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea

0.29 MILES

Set in a grand neoclassical building dating from the 1890s, this cultural centre has a packed line-up of art exhibitions, book launches, discussions and…

5. Hotel Maria Cristina

0.42 MILES

A wonderful example of belle époque architecture, the Hotel Maria Cristina was designed by Charles Mewes, the architect responsible for the Ritz hotels in…

6. Plaza de Gipuzkoa

0.45 MILES

It might be called a plaza, but with its duck pond, flower beds and many trees this tiny square is as much a formal garden park as a city plaza. It was…

7. Plaza de Gipuzkoa

0.45 MILES

Designed in 1877 by French landscape artist Pierre Ducasse, who also created the Jardines de Miramar, this little park is one of San Sebastián's loveliest…

8. Kursaal

0.55 MILES

Designed by Rafael Moneo and opened in 1999, the Kursaal is one of the city's most striking buildings. Consisting of two cubes made of translucent glass…