Iglesia de Santa María

Costa de Almería

The fortress-style Iglesia de Santa María dates from 1560 and may have once been a mosque. Inside, its restrained white interior features a modern 1960s altar mural.

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1. Puerta de la Ciudad

0.04 MILES

A white arch spanning a small lane in the hilltop centre, the old city gate was built in the 16th century on the site of an earlier Moorish gate.

2. Casa La Canana

0.07 MILES

Beautifully maintained and thoughtfully interpreted by the owners (who live upstairs), this house-museum re-creates a well-to-do villager's dwelling from…

3. Mirador del Castillo

0.09 MILES

Perched on the highest point in town – originally the site of a castle – this hilltop mirador (viewpoint) looks down to the sea and over a hazy brown…

4. Fuente Pública

0.14 MILES

Hidden near the foot of the hilltop pueblo, this historic fountain is a village landmark. Locals and visitors come to fill containers with the water that…

5. Castillo de Macenas

4.19 MILES

An 18th-century watchtower 2.5km south of the end of the main Mojácar beach. You can't enter it but it's free to view from the outside. From the tower a…

6. Torre Pirulico

4.96 MILES

A coastal watchtower dating to Nasrid times in the 13th century; you can climb to the top. It's 1.3km south of the Castillo de Macenas.

7. Castillo del Marqués de los Vélez

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Presiding over Cuevas del Almanzora's old town, this 16th-century castle houses the Museo Antonio Manuel Campoy, showcasing the celebrated Spanish art…

8. Cueva Museo

10.97 MILES

People have lived in caves around Cuevas del Almanzora for thousands of years. This reconstructed example of a comfortable mid-20th-century cave house,…