Cuevas de Sorbas

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These rare and spectacular caves, 2km east of Sorbas, are part of a vast network of underground galleries and tunnels. Guided visits lead through the labyrinthine underworld, revealing glittering gypsum crystals, tranquil ponds, stalactites, stalagmites and dark, mysterious tunnels. The basic tour, suitable for everyone from children to seniors, lasts about 1½ hours. Tours need to be reserved at least one day ahead; English- and German-speaking guides are available.

Sorbas’ gypsum karst is a geologically unique area created by water eroding a layer of soft gypsum that was laid down as the sea retreated 5 million years ago. Gypsum erosion is normally quite rapid, but the lack of rain in Almería has slowed the process dramatically, resulting in the survival of this remarkable cave network.

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