Western Seoul in detail

Cycling Tour: Han River Cycle Ride

  • Start Subway Line 5 to Yeouinaru station, Exit 3
  • End Yeouido Hangang Park
  • Length 15km; three hours

It's possible to walk this 15km route around Yeouido and across the river via the island park of Seonyudo, but it's quicker and more fun to use a bicycle, which you can rent at several outlets in Yeouido Hangang Park, the starting point for the ride.

Walk east from the subway exit towards the Hangang Cruise Terminal in Yeouido Hangang Park, where you’ll find a bicycle rental stall (first hour ₩3000, every extra 15 minutes ₩500; open 9am to 5pm); bring some form of photo ID for them to keep as a deposit.

Cycle west and out of the park across the Mapo Bridge, taking the blue ramp down to the north bank of the river. Head west for about 4km until you reach a steep cliff, at the top of which is Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine. Continue west to the Yanghwa Bridge and carry your bike up the stairs to the pathway on the west side. On an island about halfway along the bridge is the beautifully landscaped Seonyudo Park. There are wonderful river views from the park (which used to be a water-filtration plant) as well as a cafe at which you can take a break.

Continue from the park back to the south bank of the Han River and pedal back towards Yeouido. At the western tip of the island you can pause to view the ritzy Seoul Marina and the National Assembly. Also have a look around central Yeouido Park, which includes a traditional Korean garden.

Continue along the bike paths on the southern side of the island; Yeouido Saetgang Eco Park here is wilder and more natural. As you round the eastern tip of Yeouido look up to see clouds reflected in the gold-tinted glass of the 63 City skyscraper and its 60th-floor 63 Sky Art Gallery. After returning your bike to the rental stall look out for the quirky monster sculpture based on the hit horror movie The Host.