Eungbongsan Park

Dongdaemun & Eastern Seoul

For panoramic vistas of the Han River and Eastern Seoul, take a short hike up the steps to the pavilion atop Eungbongsan, the verdant hill that makes up little-visited Eungbongsan Park. In spring masses of forsythia blossoms paint the park yellow.

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1. Seoul Forest

0.43 MILES

A hunting ground in Joseon times, this large park offers a number of family-friendly attractions, including a sika deer enclosure, adventure playgrounds,…

2. Sajin Changgo


Literally meaning 'photo warehouse', Sajin Changgo is a rough-and-tumble gallery space showcasing edgy film photography from Korean artists. The works are…

3. K-Wave Experience

1.47 MILES

Upstairs from the Gangnam Tourist Center, this is the place to live out all your K-Pop fantasies, with a full makeover to transform you into a K-Pop star…

4. K-Star Road

1.55 MILES

Gangnam's 'Hallyuwood Walk of Fame' pays homage to K-Pop stars in the form of cutesy bear sculptures dedicated to K-Wave singers and actors.

5. Gwanghuimun

1.66 MILES

The 'southeast gate' of Seoul's fortress wall, Gwanghuimun is far smaller and more modest than Heunginjimun. It was rebuilt in 1976.

6. Cheong-gye-cheon Museum

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To fully comprehend what a mammoth and expensive effort it was to resurrect Cheong-gye-cheon, Seoul’s long buried east–west stream, pay a visit to this…

7. Cheong-gye-cheon Cardboard House

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This 'cardboard' slum house, typical of the wooden shacks that lined the Cheong-gye-cheon after the Korean War, has been preserved to give a sense of life…

8. Kyungdong Presbyterian Church

1.72 MILES

Built in 1981, this fortress-like red-brick church was designed by Kim Swoo Geun, one of Korea's most acclaimed post-war architects, who also designed the…