The southern coast's best beach is a nearly 4km stretch of golden sand backed by a boardwalk and pine trees. There's a popular campground (20 June to 31 August; per person ₩10,000) here, with raised platforms for tents and plenty of showers.

Myeongsasim-ni is on the smaller, neighbouring island of Shinjido; buses (₩1900, 25 minutes, hourly) run here from the Wando bus terminal.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Jeollanam-do attractions

1. Wando Tower

2.69 MILES

This 76m-tall tower offers views of Wando harbour and to the islands beyond.

2. Gugyedeung


On Wando’s south coast is a tiny park that offers views of distant cliffs and offshore islands, a pebbly beach, and a 1km nature trail that runs through a…

3. Goryeo Celadon Museum

12.24 MILES

The exquisite 800-year-old examples of Goryeo-dynasty celadon on display here look startlingly contemporary. At the back are pottery workshops (Monday to…

4. Daeheung-sa

14.33 MILES

This major Zen temple is thought to date back a millenia, but it remained relatively unknown until it became associated with Seosan, a warrior monk who…

5. Duryunsan Provincial Park

14.39 MILES

Picturesque views of Korea's southern coastline reward hikers who scale the rocky path up to the peak, Duryun-bong (630m). The hike, which begins just…

6. Jeongnamjin Saturday Market

24.79 MILES

Elsewhere traditional markets may be losing out to newer shopping centres, but the Jeongnamjin Saturday Market in Jangheung (장흥) is definitely a happening…