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$92.50 Cultural & Theme Tours

Exciting Yongin Zipline and Everland One Day Tour

Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest, where Yoingin ZipLine is located, is situated in the south of Mr. Jeonggwang, which is 562m in height above the sea level and commands a superb view over the beautiful mountain. In addition to the exciting Zipline, the facility also has walk trails in the refreshing woods and other amenities such as the children’s playground, etc. It is truly a playground in the wood, both for the children and the grownups due to its proximity to the downtown area. The 6 Zipline courses stretching over a distance of 1246m above the playground in the wood are designed to travel through the dense forest. Therefore, the visitors to Yoingin Zipline can enjoy not only the thrilling excitement of zipping through the woods but also the refreshing scent of the forest. Everland is a place enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. Being the largest theme pack in Korea, you can enjoy different exciting rides, various themed festivals and even a zoo that exhibits 2,000 animals of around 200 species. For thrill seekers, the park also has the fastest, highest, longest and steepest wooden roller coaster in Korea waiting for you. There are also fireworks in the evening if the weather is good. Detailed Schedule: 8:20am Depart from Hongik Univ. Station Exit 4 9:00am Depart from Myeongdong Station Exit 2 9:10am Depart from Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 10 10:30am Arrive at Yongin Zipline 12:30pm Leave for Everland 12:50pm Arrive at Everland You can chose the early or late return as below (for the closing time, you can check from the Everland website):  1) If closing time of Everland is 7pm. - 7:15pm Leave for Seoul (Hongik Univ. Station/Myeongdong Station/DHCP station) 2) If closing time of Everland is 8pm. - 1st round: 4:30pm Leave for Seoul (Myeongdong Station/DHCP station) - 2nd round: 8:15pm Leave for Seoul (Hongik Univ. Station/Myeongdong Station/DHCP station) 3) If closing time of Everland is 9pm. - 1st round: 5:30pm Leave for Seoul (Myeongdong Station/DHCP station) - 2nd round: 9:15pm Leave for Seoul (Hongik Univ. Station/Myeongdong Station/DHCP station) 4) If closing time of Everland is 10pm. - 1st round: 6:00pm Leave for Seoul (Myeongdong Station/DHCP station) - 2nd round: 10:15pm Leave for Seoul (Hongik Univ. Station/Myeongdong Station/DHCP station)

$54.73 Cultural & Theme Tours

Everland One Day Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package

✓ Enjoy Everland's Fireworks Show (Late Return option)Have extra fun until Everland's closing time, and finish your day with a lovely fireworks* show!Don't worry about finding night-time transportation, the shuttle bus will safely take you back to Seoul :) *The Fireworks Show does not operate every night. This package only provides a later shuttle bus service to return back to Seoul at night. Fireworks are NOT guaranteed.  ✓ Please check the fireworks operation schedule on the Everland website (http://www.everland.com/web/multi/english/everland/everland_guide/schedule/show.html).✓ Fireworks may be canceled due to inclement weather. Refunds are not available in the event that fireworks are canceled.✓ Everland's Fireworks Show begins right before Everland's closing time (depends on season) and lasts for about 15 minutes.  Itinerary Sample Seoul: Choose from 3 Pickup Points Drive to Everland: 40-70 min Drop-off at Everland Parking Lot 4,5 (10:10 am) Take resort shuttle to entrance: 5 mins. Enjoy Everland: 7-8 hours Take resort shuttle bus to Parking Lot 4,5:  Back to Seoul: 1-2 hours  <Return bus from Everland> Make sure to go back to the parking lot 4,5 (Where your bus is parked) The bus will leave on time and will  NOT wait for you. *Confirm the  parking lot number and time again with the driver/staff on the day. ✓ The shuttle bus will drop you off at  "Parking Lot 4,5". Transfer to Resort Shuttle Bus to reach the Everland Entrance. It is your responsibility to come back to the return bus in time at  "Parking Lot 4,5". The queue from the Everland Entrance to the Parking Lot may be long in the evening. Please leave early.  ✓ This schedule is for reference only and is subject to change. ✓ Traveling time may take as twice as much time on Weekends and Public Holidays.

$18.82 Theme Parks

Caribbean Bay Discount Ticket

Caribbean Bay, the largest indoor/outdoor water park in the World. Are you in search of some relief from the hot and sweaty summer in Korea?Then Caribbean Bay is the ultimate summer getaway for you.Enjoy the waves in their significant wave pool, just go with the flow and enjoy the massive waves that go up to double your height. Ride exhilarating slides down vertical drops, or water coasters that take you on exciting turns and drops. ✓ Discounted tickets Get the same tickets at a cheaper price than if you bought at the counter. ✓ Easy redemption Book now online. You will receive QR codes instantly. Simply show the QR codes on your phone at the entrance!

$28.30 Theme Parks

Skip-the-Line Everland Discount Ticket

Everland is Korea's largest theme park! The outdoor amusement park has many fun attractions such as the T-Express, Thunder Falls, the Lost Valley, and the Safari World. Enjoy state-of-the-art Virtual Reality with the VR Adventure ride or venture into unchartered territory in the Lost Valley. Feed live animals with the Everland Special Safari Tour. Things-to-do are endless here! ✓ Skip-the-line Access!Skip the ticket lines and head straight for the gates with your ticket voucher. Show the park staff your QR codes to gain access to the park.✓ Discounted tickets 40% OFF! Get the same tickets at a cheaper price than sold at the counter. ✓ Easy redemption Book now online. You will receive an Email Voucher with QR codes. Simply show the QR codes on your mobile at the entrance!✓ Skip the ticket office and present the QR code attached to the bottom of Voucher Email. 

$340 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Suwon Sightseeing and Food Tour

At 10:30am your English-speaking guide will pick you at your hotel in Suwon city. The guide will take you to the traditional market in Suwon called 'Yongdong Market'. This market has 200 years history and it is the largest market in Southern Gyeonggi Province. There are total 300 stores in the market and among them 40 stores are the Korean costume stores because this market is also famous for the traditional Korea costumes. In addition to street food, this market has economic prices on clothes, cottons, furniture and groceries. You will be introduced some delicious street food inside of this market and have the opportunity to taste it.After the market you will visit the Suwon Fortress which is one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites in South Korea. This fortress was built in 1796 (Chosun Dynasty) by Jeongjo King and he used to visit Suwon city for military training. The length of this fortress is 5.4 km with 5 main gates as Jangan Gate (Main Gate), Paldal Gate (South Gate), Changryong Gate (East Gate), and Hwaseo Gate (West Gate). You will have the opportunity to try an archery excursion at the Paldal Gate at the Archery Training Center of the military from the Chosun Kingdom.After the gate, you will be taken to one of the most famous restaurants in Suwon for lunch. Suwon is well-known for the beef ribs BBQ and you can experience the Korean style of beef rib BBQ. After lunch, you will go to the Gwanggyo Lake, a newly developed and modernized lake in Suwon. This is the most beautiful lake view in Suwon city and you will enjoy a cycling excursion at the lakeside for you to fully appreciate the lake.After cycling you will enjoy dinner at a famous restaurant in Suwon city famous for their juicy and delicious fried chicken. Fried chicken is one of the most popular food for Koreans now. Taste the Korean style of fried chicken with the draft beer called 'Chimac' which means chicken and beer. After dinner you will be transferred back to your hotel.