Namiseom Island

Island in Chuncheon

Part of popular TV drama Winter Sonata was set on this island in an artificial lake southwest of Chuncheon. It’s home to rows of majestic redwoods, ginkgos and pines, making it ideal for strolling. The island is also home to roaming deer, ostriches and various waterfowl, and hosts rotating art and photography exhibits.

It’s a touristy park with a zip wire (including island entry ₩38,000; 9am to 6pm, later in summer), electric triway (per hour ₩24,000) and plenty of Sonata kitsch – it calls itself the Naminara Republic and visitors need ‘visa’ tickets (kids under three are free), which include entrance and a return ferry trip (7.30am to 9.40pm) – but it’s a fine spot for a breath of fresh air.

To get there, hop on a train from Chuncheon to Gapyeong (₩3000, 17 minutes, hourly) and then walk 1.6km (25 minutes) or bus it (₩1300, three minutes) to Gapyeong Wharf.