The highest mountain near Chuncheon, Samak-san offers incredible views of the town and surrounding lakes. The hike up to the peak (645m) can be strenuous and takes at least two hours, passing pretty waterfalls near the base and several temples.

To get to the ticket office, take bus 3, 5, 50 or 50-1 (₩1300, 15 minutes) heading south along Jungang-no in Chuncheon. Get off after about 10km, when you see the green road sign saying ‘Seoul 79km’.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Chuncheon attractions

1. Gongjicheon Sculpture Park

3.59 MILES

Families and teens picnic and sit in the shade of trees in this park dotted with sculptures, some of them hard to fathom. It's a very pleasant diversion…

2. Korean War Memorial

4.58 MILES

The evocative statues at this memorial to the Battle of Chuncheon are shown midaction, holding North Koreans at bay at the opening of the Korean War on 25…

3. Chuncheon City Hall

4.67 MILES

The landmark Chuncheon City Hall was undergoing a huge reconstruction and rebuilding at the time of writing.

4. Soyang-gang Maiden

5.13 MILES

This 7m-tall bronze statue by the lake is more exciting if you know the famous Korean song mentioning said maiden (the ballad whines on loop by the water).

5. Namiseom Island

8.21 MILES

Part of popular TV drama Winter Sonata was set on this island in an artificial lake southwest of Chuncheon. It’s home to rows of majestic redwoods,…

6. Sansawon Brewery & Museum

19.99 MILES

If you're partial to a day out at a winery, brewery or distillery, mixed in with a bit of culture amid nature, then a day trip to Sansawon Brewery &…