Buddhist Temple in Gajisan Provincial Park

Tongdo-sa is noted for a sari, a crystalline substance thought to develop inside the body of a pure monk. The sari is enshrined in a fenced area and cannot be seen. It is a focal point of devotion, which is why Tongdo-sa does not have a Buddha statue in the main hall, a rarity in Korea. Tongdo-sa operates an English-language templestay program.

Inside the temple compound, stop by the Tongdo-sa Museum to view a collection of Buddhist paintings along with 30,000 artefacts.

Buses to Tongdo-sa depart Busan's Central Bus Terminal (₩2200, 25 minutes, every 20 minutes) and stop at Sinpyeong bus terminal. Exit the terminal through the back lot, turn right and walk 10 minutes to the gate.