Suncoast Beach


Popular, protected beach near the casino.

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Nearby Durban attractions

3. Moses Mabhida Stadium

0.49 MILES

Durbanites are proud of their state-of-the-art stadium, constructed for the 2010 World Cup. Resembling a giant basket, it seats 56,000 people, and its…

5. Tekweni Beach

0.79 MILES

The windy location makes surfing less popular here than at other beaches on the Golden Mile. It has a very hairy shorebreak.

6. Bay of Plenty Beach

0.86 MILES

At the heart of the beachfront along Durban's Golden Mile. Popular with sunbathers and beach-sports enthusiasts.

7. North Beach

1.09 MILES

A popular and often crowded swimming beach north of the harbour on Durban's Golden Mile.

8. Laguna Beach

1.12 MILES

A popular beach for water-sport activities such as jet skiing.