Laguna Beach


A popular beach for water-sport activities such as jet skiing.

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1. Blue Lagoon Beach

0.24 MILES

This playful beach once had a reputation for being dangerous, but after an extensive revamp it's now a haven for families. There are playgrounds, food…

2. Tekweni Beach

0.33 MILES

The windy location makes surfing less popular here than at other beaches on the Golden Mile. It has a very hairy shorebreak.

5. Moses Mabhida Stadium

0.96 MILES

Durbanites are proud of their state-of-the-art stadium, constructed for the 2010 World Cup. Resembling a giant basket, it seats 56,000 people, and its…

7. Umgeni River Bird Park

1.27 MILES

Found on the Umgeni River, north of the centre, this bird park makes for a relaxing escape from the throng. You can see many African bird species in lush…