Battery Park

Green Point & ­Waterfront

Designed to connect the Waterfront to the City Centre, Battery Park has transformed the Canal District of the V&A Waterfront. The centrepiece is the skate park, which has instantly become a popular meeting ground for local teens. There's also a jungle gym, water-wise garden, heritage site complete with cannons, and a growing row of shops and cafes alongside the canal.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Green Point & ­Waterfront attractions

1. Zeitz MOCAA Museum

0.28 MILES

The Waterfront's old grain silo has been transformed into this state-of-the-art museum for the contemporary Southern African art collection of…

2. Prestwich Memorial

0.33 MILES

Construction in 2003 along nearby Prestwich St unearthed many skeletons. These were the unmarked graves of slaves and others executed by the Dutch in the…

3. Prestwich Memorial Garden

0.36 MILES

Along the Walk of Remembrance (formerly known as the 2010 World Cup's Fan Walk) is this attractive public space dotted with a collection of quirky…

4. Jetty Square

0.41 MILES

In this square a school of steel sharks by sculptor Ralph Borland respond to passersby by swivelling on their poles.

5. Two Oceans Aquarium

0.42 MILES

This excellent aquarium features denizens of the deep from the cold and the warm oceans that border the Cape Peninsula. It's a chance to see penguins,…

6. Robinson Dry Dock

0.42 MILES

One of the Waterfront's most fascinating sights is this large dry dock, opened in 1882 and still used to repair ships today. Named after Governor Sir…

7. Chavonnes Battery Museum

0.42 MILES

This museum houses the remains of an early-18th-century cannon battery, one of several fortifications the Dutch built around Table Bay. It was partly…

8. Evangelical Lutheran Church

0.43 MILES

Converted from a barn in 1780, the first Lutheran church in the Cape has a carved wood pulpit that's a masterwork by the German sculptor Anton Anreith. A…