Signal Hill

Cape Town

The early settlement’s lookout point is so named because it was from here that flags were hoisted when a ship was spotted, giving the people below time to prepare goods for sale and dust off their tankards. Walk, cycle or drive to the summit, which is part of Table Mountain National Park, by taking the first turn-off to the right off Kloof Nek Rd onto Military Rd.

Signal Hill was also known as Lion’s Rump, as it's attached to Lion’s Head by a ‘spine’ of hills.

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1. Noon Gun

0.52 MILES

At noon, Monday to Saturday, a cannon is fired from the lower slopes of 350m-high Signal Hill, which separates Sea Point from the City Bowl; you can hear…

2. Bo-Kaap


Meaning ‘Upper Cape’, the Bo-Kaap, with its vividly painted low-roofed houses, many of them historic monuments, strung along narrow cobbled streets, is…

3. Tana Baru Cemetery

0.72 MILES

This old burial ground on Signal Hill is where some of the earliest Muslim settlers to the area are buried, including three prominent holy men.

4. Bo-Kaap Museum

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This small museum provides some insight into the lifestyle of a prosperous 19th-century Cape Muslim family, and a somewhat idealised view of Islamic…

5. Auwal Mosque

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Built in 1789, this is the oldest place of Islamic worship in South Africa, established by Iman Abdullah Kadi Salaam, an Indonesian prince who served time…

6. Promenade Pets

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Rest on one of these pieces of public art by Rocklands Beach; the seats of the benches are held up by pairs of blue seagulls, black sea lions and pink…

7. Rocklands Beach

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You can easily wade into the sea from this rocky beach at a kink in the Sea Point Promenade near the animal-themed Promenade Pets benches.

8. Three Anchor Bay

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This small, rocky beach has easy access from the promenade. It's from here that the bohemian poet Ingrid Jonker, considered the Sylvia Plath of South…