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Cape Town

Mosaic artists Lovell Friedman and Leora Lewis are the creators of this powerful artwork just outside the Central Library. A mosaic of ceramic tiles forms the image of a child and is surrounded by drawings and written contributions from street children. Look closely and you'll see each tile contains the print of an advert placed in the Cape Government Gazette between 1841 and 1921 calling for ownership of destitute children.

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1. Central Library

0.02 MILES

The Drill Hall, dating from 1889 and where Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 21st birthday, has been sensitively restored and turned into the city’s…

2. Cape Town City Hall

0.04 MILES

Cape Town's old city hall is a grand Edwardian building dating to 1905. Nelson Mandela made his first public speech from the front balcony here after…

3. Nelson Mandela Statue

0.05 MILES

On 11 February 1990, Nelson Mandela gave his first speech as a free man from the balcony at Cape Town City Hall. To celebrate the centenary of his birth,…

4. Grand Parade

0.08 MILES

A prime location for Cape Town’s history, the Grand Parade is where the Dutch built their first fort in 1652; where slaves were sold and punished; and…

5. Homecoming Centre

0.08 MILES

This centre houses an annexe of the District Six Museum which is usually open for temporary exhibitions and events. Currently there's a wonderful…

6. A4 Arts Foundation

0.11 MILES

Fascinating multimedia exhibitions are staged at this non-profit centre supporting the arts in South Africa. Both local and international contemporary…

7. Castle Entrance Gate

0.13 MILES

The main entrance to the Castle of Good Hope, crowned by a bell tower, replaced the original sea-facing entrance to the fortress.

8. District Six Museum

0.13 MILES

It's impossible not to be emotionally moved by this museum, which celebrates the once lively multiracial area that was destroyed during apartheid in the…