Plague Pillar


In the centre of Glavni trg, Maribor's marketplace in the Middle Ages, is perhaps the most extravagant Plague Pillar found anywhere in Central Europe. Designed by Jožef Straub and erected in 1743, it includes the Virgin Mary surrounded by half-a-dozen saints.

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1. Town Hall

0.01 MILES

Behind the plague pillar in Glavni trg is the Town Hall, built in 1565 by Venetian craftsmen living in Styria.

2. Glavni Trg

0.04 MILES

Maribor’s marketplace in the Middle Ages, Glavni trg is just north of the river and the main bridge crossing it. In the centre of the square is Slovenia’s…

3. Synagogue

0.08 MILES

Just north of the pentagonal 16th-century Water Tower on the waterfront, a set of steps leads up to Židovska ulica (Jewish St), the centre of the Jewish…

4. Old Vine House

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Learn about Maribor's 400-year-old vine and Slovenian viniculture at Old Vine House, where you can taste local wine from its enormous collection. And don…

5. Old Vine

0.08 MILES

About 150m east along the Pristan embankment is Maribor's most celebrated attraction, the so-called Old Vine, which still produces between 35kg and 55kg…

6. Maribor Cathedral


Maribor's cathedral faces the square named after Anton Martin Slomšek (1800–62), the Slovenian bishop and politician beatified in 1999 and the first…

7. Minorite Monastery

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At the western end of the riverfront Pristan is the renovated 13th-century Minorite Monastery, closed by Joseph II in 1784, later used as a military…

8. Water Tower

0.17 MILES

About 300m east of the main bridge is the pentagonal Water Tower, a 16th-century defence tower. Just north of it is a set of steps leading to Židovska…