Plečnik House


This small house in Trnovo is where local architect Jože Plečnik lived and worked for almost 40 years. There's an excellent introduction by hourly guided tour to this almost ascetically religious man's life, inspiration and work.

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1. Trnovo Bridge

0.07 MILES

Spanning the picturesque canal called Gradaščica, this bridge was designed in 1932 by local architect Jože Plečnik.

2. Plečnik Pyramid


Local architect Jože Plečnik added this distinctive pyramid to the Roman wall, south of the centre, during renovations of the wall carried out in the…

3. Ilirija Column

0.32 MILES

The column in the centre of Trg Francoske Revolucije recalls Napoleon’s Illyrian Provinces (1809–13), when Slovene was taught in schools for the first…

4. Trg Francoske Revolucije

0.33 MILES

Once the headquarters of the Teutonic Knights of the Cross (Križniki), the square now houses the Križanke open-air theatre. The Ilirija Column is in the…

5. Roman Wall

0.33 MILES

This Roman wall, marking part of the southern boundary of Emona, dates from AD 15. It was restored in the 1930s, and not all of the wall is original.

6. City Museum of Ljubljana

0.33 MILES

The excellent city museum, established in 1935, focuses on Ljubljana’s history, culture and politics via imaginative multimedia and interactive displays…

7. Church of St James

0.36 MILES

The Church of St James, built in 1615, houses Italian sculptor Francesco Robba's main altar (1732), though far more interesting is the one in the church's…

8. Equrna Gallery

0.37 MILES

Arguably the most innovative modern gallery in town thanks to the discerning owner/curator.