Ilirija Column


The column in the centre of Trg Francoske Revolucije recalls Napoleon’s Illyrian Provinces (1809–13), when Slovene was taught in schools for the first time.

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1. Trg Francoske Revolucije

0.02 MILES

Once the headquarters of the Teutonic Knights of the Cross (Križniki), the square now houses the Križanke open-air theatre. The Ilirija Column is in the…

2. City Museum of Ljubljana

0.04 MILES

The excellent city museum, established in 1935, focuses on Ljubljana’s history, culture and politics via imaginative multimedia and interactive displays…

3. National & University Library

0.06 MILES

This library is architect Jože Plečnik’s masterpiece, completed in 1941. To appreciate this great man’s philosophy, enter through the main door (note the…

4. Equrna Gallery

0.07 MILES

Arguably the most innovative modern gallery in town thanks to the discerning owner/curator.

5. Novi Trg

0.11 MILES

South of Cobblers' Bridge, this was a walled settlement of fisherfolk outside the town administration in the Middle Ages. Remnants include the very narrow…

7. Stari Trg

0.16 MILES

Lined with 19th-century wooden shopfronts, quiet courtyards and cobblestone passageways, this is the heart of the Old Town. From behind the medieval…

8. Škuc Gallery

0.16 MILES

Cutting-edge contemporary art gallery with a studenty vibe in the heart of the Old Town.