Gornji Trg


The five medieval houses at Nos 7 to 15 of this square have narrow side passages (some with doors) where rubbish was once deposited so that it could be washed down into the river. Look for the Church of St Florian, built in 1672 and renovated in the 1930s by local architect Jože Plečnik. From here, Ulica na Grad is an easy way to reach the castle.

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1. Church of St James

0.03 MILES

The Church of St James, built in 1615, houses Italian sculptor Francesco Robba's main altar (1732), though far more interesting is the one in the church's…

2. Hercules Fountain

0.04 MILES

This fountain in the middle of Levstikov trg, the southern extension of Stari trg, is a favourite meeting place in summer. A copy has replaced the…

3. Church of St Florian

0.06 MILES

Built in 1672, this church was dedicated to the patron saint of fires after a serious blaze destroyed much of the Old Town. Architect Jože Plečnik was…

4. Škuc Gallery

0.06 MILES

Cutting-edge contemporary art gallery with a studenty vibe in the heart of the Old Town.

5. Stari Trg

0.09 MILES

Lined with 19th-century wooden shopfronts, quiet courtyards and cobblestone passageways, this is the heart of the Old Town. From behind the medieval…

6. Schweiger House


Between Stari trg Nos 11 and 15, the lovely rococo Schweiger House is easily recognisable for its large Atlas supporting an upper balcony. The figure has…

7. Pentagonal Tower

0.14 MILES

In the castle’s southern wing, the Pentagonal Tower occasionally hosts changing exhibitions, smaller concerts and theatrical performances.

8. Novi Trg

0.15 MILES

South of Cobblers' Bridge, this was a walled settlement of fisherfolk outside the town administration in the Middle Ages. Remnants include the very narrow…