Funicular Upper Station


The upper station of the 70m-long funicular that runs from the Old Town, not far from the market on Vodnikov trg, to Ljubljana Castle.

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1. Ljubljana Castle

0.02 MILES

Crowning a 375m-high hill east of the Old Town, this castle is an architectural mishmash, with most of it dating from the early 16th century when it was…

2. Pentagonal Tower

0.05 MILES

In the castle’s southern wing, the Pentagonal Tower occasionally hosts changing exhibitions, smaller concerts and theatrical performances.

3. Funicular Lower Station

0.09 MILES

The easiest (and for kids, the most fun) way to access Ljubljana Castle is to take the 70m-long funicular that leaves from the Old Town not far from…

4. Town Hall


The seat of the city government and sometimes referred to as the Magistrat or Rotovž, the town hall was erected in the late 15th century and rebuilt in…

5. City Art Gallery


Easy-to-miss Old Town gallery with rotating displays of modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, graphic art and photography. There's a small gift…

6. Robba Fountain

0.11 MILES

The three titans with their gushing urns on this fountain represent the three rivers of the historic Slovenian province of Carniola: the Sava, Krka and…

7. Mestni Trg

0.11 MILES

The first of the Old Town’s three squares is dominated by the town hall. In front of it stands the bright-white Robba Fountain (1751).

8. Cathedral of St Nicholas

0.12 MILES

A church has stood here since the 13th century, but the existing twin-towered building dates from the start of the 18th century. Inside, it’s a vision of…