Funicular Lower Station


The easiest (and for kids, the most fun) way to access Ljubljana Castle is to take the 70m-long funicular that leaves from the Old Town not far from Vodnikov trg. Cable cars leave at regular intervals throughout the day. Buy tickets on-site; ticket options include castle entry or funicular only.

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Nearby Ljubljana attractions

1. Central Market

0.07 MILES

Central Market is Ljubljana's larder and worth a trip to stock up on provisions or just have a good snoop (and sniff) around. Go first to the vast open…

2. Cathedral of St Nicholas

0.08 MILES

A church has stood here since the 13th century, but the existing twin-towered building dates from the start of the 18th century. Inside, it’s a vision of…

3. Funicular Upper Station

0.09 MILES

The upper station of the 70m-long funicular that runs from the Old Town, not far from the market on Vodnikov trg, to Ljubljana Castle.

4. Ljubljana Castle

0.11 MILES

Crowning a 375m-high hill east of the Old Town, this castle is an architectural mishmash, with most of it dating from the early 16th century when it was…

5. Plečnik Colonnade

0.11 MILES

This renovated covered walkway along the Ljubljanica River forms part of the city's Central Market.

6. Dragon Bridge

0.12 MILES

The much-loved Dragon Bridge, topped with four scary-looking dragons on each corner, stands northeast of the Old Town, just beyond Vodnikov trg. The…

7. Plečnik Cone

0.12 MILES

The strange cone in Pogarčarjev trg was erected in honour of local architect Jože Plečnik in 1993. It represents the parliament building he designed but…

8. Pentagonal Tower

0.13 MILES

In the castle’s southern wing, the Pentagonal Tower occasionally hosts changing exhibitions, smaller concerts and theatrical performances.