SLOVENIA - JANUARY 01:  The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Ljubljana. Photography. Around 1990.  (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)  [Domkirche St. Nikolaus in Leibach. Photographie um 1990.]

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Cathedral of St Nicholas


A church has stood here since the 13th century, but the existing twin-towered building dates from the start of the 18th century. Inside, it’s a vision of pink marble, white stucco and gilt and contains a panoply of baroque frescoes. Have a look at the magnificent carved choir stalls, the organ and the angels on the main altar.

Two stunning bronze doors, now blackened, were added in 1996 to commemorate a visit by Pope John Paul II. The (main) west door facing the Bishop’s Palace recounts the history of 1250 years of Christianity in Slovenia. The six bishops on the south door fronting Ciril Metodov trg depict the history of the Ljubljana diocese.

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