Tara National Park

With 220 sq km of forested slopes, dramatic ravines, jewel-like waterways and rewarding views, Tara (part of the Dinaric Alps) is scenic Serbia at its best. The park’s main attraction is the vertigo-inducing Drina River canyon, the third largest of its kind in the world. The gloriously green river slices through the cliffs, offering prime panoramas and ripper rafting; Tara’s two lakes, Perućac and Zaovine, are ideal for calm-water kayaking.

Serbia’s largest population of endangered brown bears is found within Tara’s woods, though you’d be lucky to bump into any. The park is also home to foxes, lynxes, otters and 130-plus types of birds, as well as over 1000 flora species, including the rare Pančić spruce.

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