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The park’s main attraction is the vertigo-inducing Drina River canyon, the third-largest of its kind in the world. The gloriously green river of the same name slices through its cliffs, offering prime panoramas and ripper rafting; Tara’s two artificial lakes – Perućac and Zaovine – are ideal for calm-water kayaking.

Serbia’s largest population of endangered brown bears is found within Tara’s woods, though you’d be lucky (or unlucky, depending on your fear factor) to bump into any. The park is also home to foxes, lynxes, otters and 130-plus types of birds, as well as over 1000 flora species, including the rare Pančić spruce.

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Sarajevo to Belgrade UNESCO One-Way Day Trip via West Bosnia and East Serbia

After departing Sarajevo in the morning 8 AM we’ll take beautiful 1 hour ride to reach Rogatica and first stop of the day, Borak Stećci necropolis near the Burati village. This hidden gem deep in the misty forrests of East Bosnia just recently inscribed as UNESCO World heritage, so we surely make a visit there. Later we continue for one more hour of ride through mountain parts of Bosnia before we meet up with turquoise Drina river canyon and arrive to Višegrad. Višegrad is home to UNESCO heritage too, an Ottoman time bridge built in 1577. by the Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic. The book: “Bridge Over Drina” by Bosnian and Travnik born, World famous Nobel Prize winner, Yugoslav writer Ivo Andrić has given most of the glory to this amazing place. As soon as we see the Bridge and take the river cruise through amazingly green Drina river, we’ll explore stone town of Andrićgrad (eng.Andrić town). Small, stone made town, recently built, named and dedicated after novelist Ivo Andrić. After Višegrad, we’ll continue driving towards east Bosnian border and on the way will pay visit to one of the most important Serbian Orthodox monasteries, Dobrun Monastery. Originally built in 1343 with frescoes preserved until today is ideal stop to learn more about local history. Later on, time to cross the Bosnia to Serbia border and as soon as we do, we will enter amazing area of nature park of “Šargan-Mokra Gora”. Next stop (for lunch possibly) will be ethno village of Drvengrad (eng.Timber Town) also know as Küstendorf and Mećavnik. Village-town designed by the movie director Emir Kusturica for his movie “Life is Miracle”. As soon as finished at Drvengrad we are about to take train ride, but not just any train ride, we will do the famous “Šargan Eight”. The Šargan Eight is narrow gauge (760mm) steam railway originally built in 1925., famously called Ćira (Chira). Once it used to connect Sarajevo and Belgrade, and the name “eight” origins from the pure shape of the track which if looked from the sky looks like number 8. Road towards Belgrade will take us explore amazing area of one of the most beautiful National Parks in Serbia - National Park Tara. National Park Tara (declared in 1981.) with its biological diversity is one of the most amazing areas if whole Serbia, offering great nature experiences, stunning views, hiking and trekking opportunities. One of the most important stops will be stunning viewpoint of “Banjska Stena” which offers us amazing panorama of Perućac Lake on Drina river, which naturally borders Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Generally after Tara National Park explorations, rest of roughly three hours ride to Belgrade will take us through Bajina Basta town and few other interesting locations such as "House on Drina", where we hope to be no later than 9 pm as this is quite long daytour.

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Tara National Park & Drina River Valley

Visit: Serbia Inspired ToursTake a break from hectic pace of modern life and immerse yourself in Western Serbia Nature!The tour starts at 8 a.m. from your accommodation in Belgrade. During our 3h drive through awe-inspiring western Serbia and on our way to our first destination - Bajina Basta, we will make one short stop in order for you to take memorable pictures from the viewpoint called "The Gate of Podrinje" which represents the entrance to the magical Drina River Valley.Bajina Basta, small town located on the foothill of Tara Mountain with its unique attraction "House on the rock in the middle of the Drina River" is our first stop. The image of this unusual attraction was posted on a cover of National Geographic magazine.Short, pleasant drive will take us to our next stop - Raca Monastery, built in 13th century as the endowment of Serbian King Dragutin Nemanjic. In 18th century during the Ottomans occupation of Serbia the monastery was badly damaged, and the new church was built in 1795.The shortest river in Europe called "Vrelo" is next on our route. Due to the fact that it's only 365m long, river 'Vrelo' received its second name "Godina" or "Year" (long as a year).The tour proceeds to the heart of Tara National Park. Short, pleasant drive will take us to the point from which we will start our walking/hiking part of the tour (2km in both directions) in order to reach, without doubt, the most beautiful viewpoint in Serbia "Banjska Rock." This place offers splendid panoramic view over the Drina River Canyon. Be prepared to take some breathtaking photos from up here.Afterwards the lunch break will be made, and you will have the great opportunity to try local specialties of Western Serbia.Return to Belgrade in late evening hours. Drop off to your accommodation.