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Here's what you can expect on a Lonely Planet Experiences tour of the Balkans

5 min readPublished Jan 20, 2020

The Balkans contain some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and a daunting history of conflict. Get to know the true nature of this incredible region on a group tour with Intrepid Travel and Lonely Planet.

Here's what you can expect on a Lonely Planet Experiences tour of the Balkans
Art and culture

Socialist-era monuments: exploring Belgrade’s stunning Spomeniks

5 min readPublished Sep 30, 2019

There are many fascinating Spomeniks - Yugoslav socialist-era monuments - in and around Belgrade. Here's our guide to visiting these works of art.

The gravity defying, star-shaped memorial at Kosmaj © Srdjan Garcevic / Lonely Planet
Food and drink

Exploring Zemun, Belgrade’s most atmospheric quarter

4 min readPublished Apr 26, 2019

No visit to Belgrade is complete without at least half a day spent in Zemun. This picturesque neighbourhood on the Danube’s right bank was formerly a…

View over Zemun's quaint rooftops and the Danube from Gardoš Tower © Evgeni Fabisuk / Shutterstock
Health and wellness

Belgrade for sports fans: where to watch and play

5 min readPublished Apr 6, 2019

Sport has been a major part of Belgraders’ identity ever since Yugoslavia came fourth at the inaugural football World Cup in Uruguay in 1930. Indeed, when…

Red Star and Partizan players battle in a Serbian Super League match at Marakana stadium © Srdjan Stevanovic / Getty Images
Art and culture

Shops with soul: the traditional artisans of Belgrade

4 min readPublished Feb 22, 2019

Although increasingly pushed out of work by mass-produced domestic and foreign goods, a number of Belgrade’s traditional artisans are persevering in…

Bombondžija Bosiljčić © Srdjan Garcevic / Lonely Planet