Mamelles Lighthouse


The lowest shutter speed I have ever shot during a KAP session at 1/250.  Turned out well and had many keepers, but this photograph is the only one worthy of upload...About ten minutes after this shot, they turned the lights on.  There was still a bit of ambient light, so now I wonder what 1/150 or 1/100 would do while the light is on? was captured by a camera suspended by a kite line. Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

A photogenic 1864 lighthouse graces the top of one of Dakar's few hills. It's worth making leisurely 20-minute walk, with sweeping views across the city and the water waiting at the top. Once there, you can visit the exterior of the lighthouse (CFA1000) or pay a little extra (CFA2000) for a short guided tour through the lighthouse and up to the top.

Guides explain a bit of lighthouse lore: its evolution over the years, and its importance to the West African coastline. The beam is visible from up to 53km. There's also an open-air eating and drinking spot at the base of the lighthouse, which hosts live music on Friday nights and Sunday brunch.