Old Mill

The Trossachs

This picturesque old mill building by the falls houses a working waterwheel and a thrift shop.

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1. Rob Roy's Grave

7.51 MILES

In the village of Balquhidder (ball-whidder), 9 miles north of Callander off the A84, there's a churchyard with – perhaps – Rob Roy's grave. It's an…

2. Deil's Cauldron

13.45 MILES

A mile north of Comrie, the River Lednock cascades out of a deep, wooded gorge and into a circular, rock-girt pool known as the Deil's Cauldron (the Devil…

3. Earthquake House

13.8 MILES

This tiny stone building, set on a hillside less than a mile west of Comrie, was the world's first seismic observatory. It was built in 1874 to monitor…

4. Scottish Crannog Centre

14.59 MILES

Less than a mile south of Kenmore on the banks of Loch Tay is the fascinating Scottish Crannog Centre, perched on stilts above the loch. Crannogs –…

5. Hamilton Toy Collection

15.77 MILES

The Hamilton Toy Collection is a powerhouse of 20th-century juvenile memorabilia, chock-full of dolls houses, puppets and toy soldiers. It's an amazing…

6. Famous Grouse Experience

18.54 MILES

At the old Glenturret Distillery, the highly rated Famous Grouse Experience has a better-than-average, one-hour distillery tour that's strong on the…

7. Castle Menzies

19.66 MILES

Castle Menzies is the 16th-century seat of the chief of clan Menzies (ming-iss), magnificently set against a forest backdrop. Inside it reeks of…

8. Inchmahome Priory

19.86 MILES

From the Lake of Menteith (called 'lake' not 'loch' due to a mistranslation from Gaelic), 3 miles east of Aberfoyle, a ferry takes visitors to these…